Culture Cringe

by Shark Puncher

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Recorded June 2013 at Five Stone Studios


released September 8, 2014

Recorded live at Five Stone Studios by Douglas Briton
Mixed & Mastered by Douglas Briton
Re-amping by Douglas Briton & Heath Keleher

Artwork by J.Laine

All songs written by Shark Puncher

Booking agent - Brad Harbeck at Vanguard bookings



all rights reserved


Shark Puncher Launceston, Australia

A crushing sound of rockin' metal with a progressive feel where anything goes!
The bands beginnings hail back to 2011, where members convened to develop a project that encompassed a powerful, yet inspired approach to music. They quickly set about developing songs and acquired the final lineup, crafting their art along the way, for their first show in November 2012. ... more

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Track Name: King Convenience
it’s such a busy world paved over again
divided with lines and so loud and so alone
for king and queen conveniently
the mob in the fray admits its fate
amidst sheer mystery that changes in its shape,
taste and touch with all the ways you choose to see
the hate / the greed
or is it all a dream?
down there we await the truth
in lies and shambled demise
when we choose to wake
we will live without petty laws and social norms, prison walls and war
though the stars may differ in light there is only one darkness
where the shadows swallow us and blend into everything as one
we are the earth - driven by life, bright lights and black clouds
Track Name: Vessel And Then Some
this time it comes and goes
it offers what it will
it will take some time
you refill just to spill
the sun rises to fall
colours fade with the light
and every sound is heard
night relapses back to bright yellow noise
and I can’t hear anything
it’s loud and it doesn’t make sense
how are all these things happening?
all this hunger with their belly full
the visions are set at seas of country green
and the roar of silence and insect lingo
the descent of the rain now falling
softer, fuller and cleaner than ever
what did I do to deserve this sacred object?
Track Name: The Darwin Award
scattered groups of houses stand forever
layer after layer of replacement parts cover up the rot
people come and go and crumble after year after year
after fear keeps fucking the gaping holes left wide open in your soul
there she blows
the gritting teeth subsiding post-fear-climax
just in time to the lullaby of the state
go back to bed
it’s an early morning start tomorrow
back to what really matters
if you don’t feel right you can fight it
get medicated
life at the bottom has never been easier
you bought the skills to pay the bills
again with the contraries and a predictable trail inhales the following year
i think it’s happened before
this has happened before
Track Name: Buddies In The Sky
believe all I preach
carry out my desires
blame the ones most unlike you
question my motives and you will pay
i built the walls
you are too weak to break them
bend for your buck
appealing on (paper and screen)
your shell is shucked
modern life spills into you like poison
distant shores harbour a wreckage familiar to my own
carry on cadaver
you’re already mine
your history and the great divide
Track Name: Strangers Dangers
heads of inner empty
with nothing to lose – nothing to gain
repeating to the chorus
all that I had hated born violently again
out of the shadows they came
wretched life will bloom
with no tolerance for its own pain
and all the time in the world for yours and mine
all that I had hated born violently again
brand new life sedated raised in shaking hands
with a world we share dark streets with demons
starve them of your fear
Track Name: We Ride At Dusk
lets me be me
lets me bare my name
lets me wear my skin
lets me love my country
this is my privilege?
calls on me to vote
calls it liberation
calls it my free will
calls it my good fortune
this is our privilege?
Track Name: Skulfuckduggery
sinister placement of tampered cards
a far from fair hand well played
expressionless deep within the game
we are going to the moon
outer space
there has to be somewhere
without all the degradation and the oceans between us
we are going to the moon
outer space
your sunken eyes take light from my life
recited and excused
rewritten for you
backs turned
tread worn
grip gone
incarcerated to return by promise and by fire